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What is the Care Plan Oversight program? Like most physicians in the Chicago area, spending far too much time following up with patients, their families, other care givers and agencies by phone can be exhausting, plus it is not covered by Medicare.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not reimburse for time spent on the phone and, you are not allowed to bill Medicare recipients for this time lost. Being a bundled pre- and post visit part of your career, Medicare will not pay for this time, ever, unless you have the CARE PLAN OVERSIGHT program.

Divine Providence Home Health Care Agency has partnered ourselves with this amazing program a software to help you, the local windy city physician get the most for your time and care.

Here is what the CPO can do from you straight from the creators themselves at Kinner.

Physician Access

Physician Access™ is a key feature included in your Kinnser Agency Manager™ service at no additional cost. It allows physicians to make referrals and sign orders electronically. Immediately, you can differentiate your home health agency from competitors by improving revenue for your agency and referring physicians.

Physician Access™ Advantages

  • Physician e-signatures and e-referrals eliminate loads of paperwork and increase income for both agencies and physicians
  • Physician Access™ expedites physician signatures on orders, reducing the need to fax, call and visit to follow up on paperwork – at no charge to the physician
  • Collaboration with participating physicians is streamlined and simplified
  • Physicians send e-referrals, sign orders and easily track their Care Plan Oversight (CPO) time
  • Physician billing for CPO is quick and easy with automatic HCFA 1500 generation
  • No additional cost to you or to your referring physicians
  • Nothing to download or install

Physician Access™ enables:

  • Your physicians to access a single Web site and digitally sign all their orders on a regular basis with just a few mouse clicks
  • The physician’s billing staff to automatically file home health-related insurance claims for certification and Care Plan Oversight (CPO) via Physician Access™ – providing thousands of dollars in additional physician practice revenue while also saving practice and agency staff time

What does Physician Access™ mean for your referring physicians?

  • Additional practice income for CPO work they are doing, but for which they may not be billing
  • A tangible reason to refer to your agency

What does Physician Access™ mean for you home health agency?

  • Immediately differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • A capability you can market to physicians – you can increase their income
  • Easy, efficient collaboration with referring physicians
  • Dramatically reduce faxes, calls, in-person visits spent trying to have physicians sign home care orders

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Facts about patient certification for home care and Care Plan Oversight

What is patient certification for home care?

To be approved by most insurers, clinical services need to be provided during an approved home care certification episode. The certification episode is initiated when a physician signs a Plan of Care form, commonly known as a “485.”

An episode of home health care covers 60 days of approved services. If a patient has continuing clinical needs after the initial 60-day period, a recertification – a new Plan of Care submission – is required to provide a subsequent episode of approved care.

What is Care Plan Oversight (CPO)?

Care Plan Oversight (CPO) services are billable activities provided by the physician who signed the Plan of Care. These activities include:

  • Review of charts, reports, and treatment plans
  • Communication with other health care professionals regarding care of the patient via phone calls or other verbal communication. Professionals may include, but are not limited to, home care nurses, therapists, and pharmacists
  • Review of patient status reports.
  • Modifications to the Plan of Care, including the review and signing of modification orders
  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services provide a more comprehensive list of allowable CPO services at

What are the CPO documentation requirements?

CPO services, and the time necessary to complete those services, must be documented in the patient’s chart. Physician Access™ provides participating physicians with a simplified method of documenting CPO activities, and alerts users when a claim for CPO reimbursement can be filed.

Can physicians who have been reimbursed for certification also bill for CPO activities?

Yes – billing for CPO activities is separate than initiating a certification episode. Physicians are potentially eligible for reimbursement for CPO activities regarding all Medicare-eligible home health care patients.

This Partnership Will Help You…

This specific software and program can be set up easily in no time through Divine Providence, just one more thing we are trying to help our community of professional doctors accomplish.