Anodyne Therapy | Phototherapy Infrared Light Treatment

Anodyne Therapy is one of the few infrared light therapies proven to work and is available in over 45 countries. Divine Providence Home Healthcare is the only certified Anodyne therapy service provider in the greater Chicago area!

What is Anodyne Therapy?

Anodyne therapy is form of light therapy that relieves painful symptoms such as irregularities in blood circulation, muscle spasms and stiffness. It works by increasing circulation and relieving discomfort in the affected area where the patient is said to be experiencing pain.

It is primarily intended for individuals that already participate in physical therapy and/or occupational therapy programs because it enhances those more conventional forms of treatment.

Ailments Commonly Treated with Anodyne Phototherapy Infrared Light include but are not limited to:

  • Acute Pain or Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Bursistis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Diabetic Nuropathy
  • Muscle Strains and Sprains
  • Numbness and Tingling
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Peripheral Artery Disease
  • Post Chemotherapy
  • TMJ
  • Much More

How Does It Work?

Each wavelength in the light spectrum contains specific qualities. Anodyne light therapy uses a special machine that emits specific wavelengths of the light spectrum. This may include the use of lasers, LED’s, dichroic lamps, fluorescent lamps or extremely bright full-spectrum light for a prescribed amount of time. The affected area in which a patient is suffering painful or discomforting symptoms is exposed to these frequencies of light and has been shown to offer temporary relief.

Is Anodyne Therapy Safe?

Yes. There have been no adverse side effects reported for Anodyne therapy. It is a safe, non-invasive and drug free treatment for any area of the body including the spine and may also be used for patients who have metal implants containing metal pins or screws as well as patients who have pacemakers or defibrillators.

There is a small possibility of burning patients skin since anodyne therapy makes use of light for treatment. Patients who suffer from circulatory problems may find themselves experience more tingling and/or burning sensations than other patients. This is due to blood flow increasing to the affected area where the Anodyne therapy is being applied.

Anodyne Therapy Treatment Protocol

Anodyne therapy typically involves 3 treatments per week for roughly 1-2 months. Individuals who are encouraged to purchase a home system should treat themselves everyday for 90 days and then whenever necessary for ongoing relief of their symptoms.

Anodyne Therapy Patient Testimonial Videos

Patient – Peter
Dr. Lawrence Harkless Physical Therapist – LifeCare Centers

Anodyne Therapy Written Patient Testimonials

“I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much your Anodyne machine has helped my husband over the last 2 years. Using the Anodyne machine every other day has made the difference in him being able to walk or just sitting in a chair and giving up. His physical therapist is the one that recommended the fine machine to him, and we are so glad that we bought one. We’re been so pleased with the machine and the service you have offered us.”

A. M (Kingsport, TN)

“I have used Anodyne Therapy for over a year and a half. It has changed my life and my pain. Walking became painful, and a problem. At night the pain was dreadful, causing many sleepless and painful nights. After 2 weeks of treatment at the hospital, I noticed relief, and gradually, the night pain subsided. I call it the miracle of my life.”

B. F (Fairfield, IA)

“Due to the outstanding benefits of Anodyne Therapy, during my 8 weeks of treatment, I bought an Anodyne home unit. I could throw away my cane, but my wife wouldn’t let me. Thanks to Anodyne, I can now walk anyplace I want without pain and drive in my car anyplace I want to go. I would recommend Anodyne to anyone who has pain in their legs and feet.”
J.C. (Yorktown, VA)

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